DIY Scrub: gift idea for Mother’s Day 2018

DIY Scrub: the idea

I thought this tutorial of the DIY scrub  for Mother’s Day , also because it is a project that can easily make even children. And then, it’s a fantastic idea for every day, not just for a special occasion. One of the things I like most about this video tutorial is the fact that it combines a taste for DIY and body care and even a few kitchen gems! In short, there is everything.

Of course, it is a DIY scub that I have personally tried and that you can do even if there is not a special occasion!

How do you do your own scrubs?

Start with the decoration of the jar, which is already very nice in itself. However, being Mother’s Day and being a mother in my turn, I want to apply myself to make it even nicer.

I take a piece of origami paper and I draw the bottom of the jar cap. Mine is disassembled, but if you have one that can not be dismantled, you can make the form with the newspaper, draw it on your origami paper or decorated paper and then cut it out.

I take the multi-purpose glue, put it on the top of the lid and attach my slip. I let it dry and I prepare the scrub.

Now we have to use coconut oil: I took 60 milliliters .

Personally, I love coconut oil, not only because it can be used for cooking, but also because it is very good for the skin. I use it both as a cream for every day and for cooking. Above all, make pancakes: obviously it gives it a little coconut flavor. In short, I recommend it both for body care and for the kitchen!

I take the 60 ml of coconut oil and dye them with some yellow food coloring . There is nothing toxic or dangerous: that’s why children can do it.

I also add a bit of blue and then mix it: it’s a bit like making an omelette. I add another little bit of blue because I want it a little ‘more heavenly (of course, it is to your taste the final color result you want to get), and I start mixing everything.

Then towards the coconut oil with the dye in a bowl where I prepared 180 grams of sugar and mix it.

You can mix it with a fork or using your hand: I prefer to do it with my hand to realize the consistency of the dough.

I add essential oil, the mint one in my case.

I put only a few drops, but this is also very subjective, there is no precise rule. Let’s say that when you like the scent it emanates, you can stop adding it.

At this point I put the scrub in the glass jar. It looks like a mint granita and has a wonderful scent: in the shower it’s really a luxury!

I close the jar and decorate with a bow because it is still the mother’s day, and finally I write ” happy mother’s day “.

Here’s how to do it.
And a good Mother’s Day!

What can you buy to do the DIY scrub?

If you enjoyed this video tutorial, maybe you want to try out do-it- yourself scrubs too . So, I have prepared a selection of products that may be useful for you. For transparency, remember that this site participates in the Amazon UE affiliate program. This means that if you click on the links or one of these products and complete a purchase, a small percentage goes to support the editorial initiatives of How to do with Barbara, while you do not change anything. Check well, though: remember that these products are here only as an indication. Before buying, check that they are right for you in terms of shape, color, size, price, quantity, type of use you will need to make.



What is DIY?

What is DIY for me ? Difficult to say in a small space. Of course they are not just chores : I know it’s a very used word. I do not love her so much, because it seems to me that it is something that can diminish the sense of starting to create for desire, the need to do something with your own hands. The do-it-yourself is not just a hobby. DIY is creativity and creation, it is giving vent to their creativity and their ability to do something different, which was not there before. It’s a life style. In this collection, I propose tutorials and ideas , tools , materials , equipment and much more!

What is do-it-yourself according to … the encyclopedia!

A demonstration of the fact that bricolage is a serious matter, it also deserves a voice in one of the most famous encyclopedias in Italy: the Treccani .

The definition is this:

“Manual work, done in your own home without having to resort to a skilled worker, especially as a hobby and a hobby; the same taste of dedicating oneself to such works. In Italian they are often used, with a similar meaning, the expressions  made by you , or  fardasé , especially as the title of manuals or periodicals that guide to this kind of activity ».

And in fact, we call it DIY .

Do it yourself for home and garden

In my space I talk about how to do it yourself at home or outdoors, for the garden. The creations and the works that we can do always give satisfaction, which are very simple like stuccoing or sandpapering or more complex, like giving new life to an old fireplace.

Do it yourself for the holidays

You will find a selection of ideas for DIY for all occasions: from weddings to feasts, from Halloween to Christmas, from Easter to Carnival. The Holidays are the triumph of DIY.

Do it yourself and recycle

One of the “pillars” that guides me in choosing materials is the idea that recycling is better than buying. And so, creative recycling finds a huge space in my creation work.

Do it yourself and video tutorials

Since I have enjoyed doing video tutorials on television for quite some time now I have started doing them on the web too, with my project How to do with Barbara that also has a Youtube channel

Discover the do-it-yourself with me, Barbara Gulienetti. And find out how to do with Barbara!

How long does it take to make a video tutorial?

Sometimes this question simply can not be answered. When we meet my partners and I to shoot, with our  crew , maybe we can also do 4 video tutorials in a day. But those are just the shots. First it takes the idea, the phase of preparation and testing – during which I often mistake and then I tell those mistakes when we record – and then, finally, the moment when we turn. If you think it’s over there, well … you’re wrong! At that point another very long and important phase begins: the editing of the video. Then you have to write the texts, decide which photos to put, put the logo on the photos, lay out, publish, prepare the  postson social media, upload the video to YouTube and prepare the text for YouTube. In short: it is a very long job, but we also like doing it.